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Wednesday, September 21, 2022


Strict Pull-ups:

Every 2:00 x 4 Sets:

12 Reps

*Note: Use bands if you need to, but use an amount that allows you to do all 12 unbroken every set. 


20 Minute EMOM: 

  1. 100’ KB Farmers Carry (Outside)
  2. 10 Push-ups (Rx+: 5 Handstand Push-ups)
  3. 2 Snatches (Power or Squat)
  4. Rest 

*Note: Your score will be the heaviest weight lifted for the snatch. Increase weight across sets and really push the weight. 

Rx+: 70/53# KBs, HSPU

Rx: 53/35# KBs, 15 Push-ups

Intermediate: 35/26# KBs, 10 Push-ups

Scaled: 25/22# KBs, 10 Knee Push-ups

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