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Wednesday, May 12, 2022


Split Squats:

Every 2:30 x 6 Sets: 

4 Reps/Side @ 80-85%

Note: Weight should be starting to get difficult. There will be extra rest in between sets today so make sure to push it. 


“Holding On”:

For Time: 

Accumulate 2:00 Hang From Bar

*Every Break: 50’ Overhead Carry


Accumulate 3:00 Plank

*Every Break: 100’ Front Rack Carry


Accumulate 3:00 Wall Sit

*Every Break: 150’ Farmer’s Carry

Rx+: 50/35# DB

Rx: 35/25# DB

Intermediate: 25/15#, 1:30/2:00/2:00 Holds

Scaled: 15/10#, 1:00/1:30/1:30 Holds

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