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Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Teams of 2:

Accumulate the Following:

100 Hang Power Cleans

150 Double DB Box Step Overs

200 Air Squats

250 Sit-Ups

Rx+: 185/125, 50/35# DB, 24/20”

Rx: 135/95, 35/25# DB, 24/20”

Intermediate: 105/75, 30/20# DB, 20”

Beginner: 85/65, 25/15# DB, 20/12”

Note: (Redo workout from mid January, try to see if you can add 10/15 pounds in weight from last time). This workout is an “accumulate the following”. This means that the teams can break the reps up however they would like. Try to keep the sets short and concise and just work through them all. The dumbbell weight on the step overs should be moderate, but should not force anyone to question whether or not they can do a step over while fatigued.

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