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Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Wednesday, March 24th


3 Rounds:

10 Good Mornings

:30 Pigeon/Side

10 Clean Deadlift

1:00 Seal Stretch

Barbell Complex:

10 Sets:

High Hang Clean + Hang Clean + Power Clean + Squat Clean

Note: This complex will be solely cleans today. The high hang will dictate the final weight of the complex, try to build to moderately heavy.


Bench Ladder:

For Time:

5 Sets:

10 Bench Press

5 Strict Pull-ups


Rx+: 135/95-155/105-185/125-205/135-225/155

Rx: 95/65-115/85-135/95-155/105-185/125

Intermediate: 75/55-95/65-115/85-135/95-155/105

Beginner: Barbell-65/45-75/55-95/65-115/85



Note: A nice little upper body pump workout, pick weight jumps that you can do at least sets of 5 for the first 3 sets.

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