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Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Wednesday, June 7th


8 Minute AMRAP

10 Hollow Body Rocks

:45 Wall Hinge

10 Kip Swings

:45 Plank Hold


8-10 Minutes Pull-up or Muscle Up Practice


5 Rounds (2:00 On, 2:00 Off):


1 Ring Muscle Up/2 Bar Muscle Ups/4 Chest to Bar Pull-ups/6 Pull-ups/8 Ring Rows

3 Lateral DB Burpees

5 DB Deadlift

Rx+: 50/35# DBs, Muscle Ups

Rx: 50/35# DBs, Chest to Bar Pullups

Intermediate: 35/25# DBs, Pull-ups

Beginner: 25/20# DBs, Ring Rows


Note: Today is a good opportunity to work on some pulling gymnastics. If you haven’t hit a muscle up or a pull-up before, take the time to work through some progressions that can help try to get you there in the workout. Pick a hard variation. The workout will be 5 separate AMRAPs.

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