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Wednesday, July 14, 2021


10 Minute EMOM

20-25 Double Unders

*If Practicing: Focus on the fundamentals. Use snappy wrists and stay on the balls of your feet.

*If Proficient: Have some fun and try for some triple unders.



Double Under


Squat Snatch

*400 Meter Run After Each Set

Rx+: Double Unders, 115/85-135/95-155/105-175/115-185/125

Rx: Double Unders, 95/65-115/85-135/95-145/100-155/105

Intermediate: ½ Double Unders (1 Minute Practice), 65/45-85/65-105/75-115/85

Beginner: 2x Single Unders, Barbell-55/40-65/45-75/50-85/55

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