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Wednesday, February 16, 2022


Push Press:

Establish a 1RM 

Note: Okay guys, started with a 3RM and ending with a 1 rep! Smash those old weights. 


5 x 4:00 Intervals

50 Double Unders

50’ DB Walking Lunges

6 Squat Cleans 

Rx+: 50/35# DB, 185/125

Rx: 35/25# DB, 135/95, 35 Double Unders

Intermediate: 25/15# DB, 115/75, 50 Single Unders

Scaled: 15/10# DB, 75/55, 35 Single Unders

Note: Lunges will be double dumbbell. Rest the remainder of the time if you finish. Clean weight should be moderately heavy.

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