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Wednesday, April 27, 2022


Split Squats:

Every 2:30 x 4 Sets:

8 Split Squats/Side @ 65-70% of 3RM

Note: If your maxes were two different weights, try to err more on the side of the “weaker” leg so that you have more uniform lower body strength. 


3 x 4:00 AMRAP:

50’ DB Farmers Carry

12 DB Deadlifts

50’ DB Front Rack Carry

20 DB Snatch

-Rest 2:00 Between Sets-

Note: This workout should be 3 separate sprints. Focus on breathing while you are going quick from one movement to the next and use the carries as an active recovery. 

Rx+: 55/45#

Rx: 50/35#

Intermediate: 35/25#

Scaled: 25/15#

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