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Thursday, October 14, 2021


4 Sets: 

8-12 DB Hammer Curls

8-12 DB Tricep Extensions

:30 Overhead Plate Hold


6 Minute AMRAP

5 DB Thrusters

10/8 Calorie Bike

16 Russian Twists

-Rest 3 Minutes- 

For Time: 

60 Russian Twists

40 Calorie Bike

20 DB Thrusters

Rx+: 50/35# DB, 45# Russian Twists

Rx: 45/30# DB, 35# Russian Twists

Intermediate: 35/25# DB, 25# Russian Twists

Beginner: 25/15# DB, 15# Russian Twists

Note: The workout will function as two distinct parts. The first half will be an AMRAP of the movements, and the second will be going through a set number of each of the movements for time.

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