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Thursday, May 13, 2021

Thursday, May 13th


2 Rounds:

:45 Turn Around Stretch/Side

7 Pushup to Down Dog

:45 Knight Stretch/Side 

10 Banded Pull Downs


Incline Bench Press: 5×5

*Superset with 6 Turkish Get Ups (3/Side)

Note: Pick a moderately challenging weight for the bench press. There should not be any failed reps across sets, but take the opportunity to build strength and also focus on technique. 


16 Minute EMOM

  1. 15 Leg Raises
  2. 12 HEAVY KB Swings
  3. 12 Clapping Push-ups
  4. Rest

Note: For this workout, pick a heavy kettlebell to focus on maintaining a tight midline and core across moderate repetition sets. If you are unable to perform clapping pushups, scale to regular, elevated, or knee pushups. 




MURPH Training


Break up reps however you want.

-90 pull-ups

-180 push-ups

-270 squats

Then run the block.

You’ll be set for the actual Murph event on the 29th! Next week is deload Murph training.

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