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Thursday, July 8, 2021

Thursday, July 8th

Strong Person:


Battle Rope (8 Rounds)

DB Plank Pull Throughs (8 Rounds)

Tire Flip w/Hop Through (8 Rounds)

DB Lateral Raises (8 Rounds)


For Time: 

100 HEAVY Kettlebell Swings 

*Every Drop: 10 V-Ups

Note: If there are too many people on each station, individuals will start on different movements for the tabata. It will be 8 rounds of :20 on and :10 off (4 minutes total) of each before moving on to the next. There will be a 1 minute rest between each individual exercise. For the workout, pick a challenging weight on the KB (to where you can get approximately 8-10 reps per set). 

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