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Thursday, July 15, 2021

Strong person:

  1. Wide Grip Bench Press: 4×6
    1. Superset w/DB Z-Press: 4×6
  2. Suitcase Squats: 3×10
    1. Superset w/Banded Pallof Presses: 3×10/side

Note: Over the next few weeks, Thursdays will be dedicated to more isolated, strength building movements. If you would like to build your strength beyond functional fitness, these would be good days to attend.


5 Rounds:

Max Plank Hold

Max Cal Row in Plank Time

-Rest 1:00-

Note: For example, if I held a plank for 45 seconds, I would have 45 seconds on the rower to accumulate as many calories as possible. Transition right from the plank to the rower and use the timer on the rower.

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