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Thursday, July 1, 2021

6 Sets:
Max Weight Driveway Sled Push
*Superset with:
10 Plate Ground to Overhead
10 Elevated Reverse Lunges (45/25#)

Note: Bringing out the sleds today! Try to come as close to on time as possible to allow for plates and sleds to be carried outside. Partner or team up with members who will be pushing about the same weight as you. Make it tough! On the reverse lunges, hug a plate to yourself and step off another plate. Grab a puzzle piece or a mat to protect your knees.

5 Sets:
10 Leg Raises
20 Russian Twists
:30 Side Plank/Side
-Rest 1:00-

Note: Pick a light weight on the Russian Twists. Challenge yourself to try to perform each set unbroken.


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