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Thursday, February 18, 2021


10 Minute AMRAP

:45 Kneeling Hamstring Stretch/Side

10 90/90 Hip Drills

1:00 Wall Hinge

10 Reverse Lunges


For Time:


AbMat Situps

Mountain Climbers x2

Jumps x2

-rest 3:00-

4 Rounds (Not For Time):

10 Reverse Burpees

:30 Side Plank

10 Clapping Pushups

:30 Side Plank



Note: How the workout will function is like an at home version of the workout “Annie”. So the first set will be 50 situps, 100 mountain climbers, and 100 jumps. Workout should go fairly quick and should be very cardio heavy. 

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