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Thursday, December 16, 2021


4 Sets: 

5 Bench Press (70% of Max)

10 DB Single Leg RDLs/Side

Max Length Rope Hang (OR Hang from Bar)

-Rest 1:30 Between Sets-

Note: Nice strength work today. Try your best to hold onto the rope or the bar as long as you can.

16 Minute EMOM:

  1. 1 Rope Climb (3 Rope Pulls)
  2. 8 Tall Box Jumps (i.e. If you normally do 20”, try 24”)
  3. 10 Double DB Push Press
  4. Rest

Rx+: 2 Legless Rope Climbs, 50/35#

Rx: As Written, 40/30#

Intermediate: Rope Pulls, 35/25#

Scaled: 6 Ring Rows, 25/15#

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