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Thursday, April 8, 2021

Daily Workout OR MURPH Training (Open Gym Time)


6 Sets:
Max Distance Handstand Walk/Max Effort Handstand Pushups

*Note: With 15 minutes on the clock, members will have 6 attempts to either complete the longest distance handstand walk or biggest set of hspu they can. Scaling options will be pike push-ups and bear crawls.


12 Minute AMRAP

25’ Barbell Overhead Carry

10 Push-ups

50’ DB Farmer’s Carry

10 Toes to Bar

Note: Working on accessory work and holds today, the barbell overhead carry will involve holding the bar up while walking. If you notice a lack in stability, grab a lighter barbell or go down in weight. 

40% MURPH Week 1:
10 rounds:
-Run 100 meters (to corner of 37th & Cedar Ave)
-4 pullups
-8 pushups
-12 squats

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