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Thursday, April 29, 2021

Thursday, April 29th


10-12 Minute Member Applicable Warmup


Muscle Ups/Pull-ups

Muscle Up Complex:

4 Pull-ups

2 Chest-to-Bar Pull-ups

1 Bar Muscle Up

Pull-up Complex:

4 Kip Swings

2 Hips to Bar

1 Pull-up/Chest to Bar

Note: Today’s skill work will focus around pull-ups. If you are trying to focus on this in the long term, try to work on performing these complexes without dropping off of the bar. Time can also be focused on getting the hang of the kip swing, as well as transitioning from kipping to butterfly pull-ups.


“Death By KB Swings/Box Jumps”

4 Heavy KB Swings

4 Box Jumps

*Add 1 KB Swing and Box Jump Every Round


2 Rounds:

:30 Sagittarius Stretch/Side

1:00 Puppy Dog Stretch

Note: The workout will function as an escalating rep scheme across minutes. For instance, the first minute will just be 4 KB Swings and 4 Box Jumps. The next minute will be 5 and 5, and so on until you cannot fit the reps in the minute. Goal should be to get to the round of 12 at least, so scale accordingly.



Run Block

7 Rounds of:

5 pull-ups

5 push-ups

15 squats (below parallel)

5 push-ups

Run Block

7 Rounds again of above

Run Block

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