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The Sioux Chef, 10/12/20

This week’s Diversity-Owned Small Business Spotlight is: The Sioux Chef & the Indigenous Food Lab. Founded by The Sioux Chef, the Indigenous Food Lab, part of the non-profit North American Traditional Indigenous Food Systems (NaTIFS) found a home inside the Midtown Global Market back in August. Today, October 12th being Indigenous Peoples Day, this selection is quite apropos. The Co-owners of The Sioux Chef Co. are from Indigenous tribes; Lakota: Sean Sherman and Dakota: Dana Thompson and are dedicated to regenerating the awareness of food of the Indigenous people. They’re doing this through education and training in the production kitchen of the Indigenous Food Lab. In 2018, Sean Sherman’s cookbook with Beth Dooley, The Sioux Chef’s Indigenous Kitchen, won the James Beard Award for Best American Cookbook. And in 2019, Sherman received the James Beard Leadership Award. Recently in the last few months, the kitchen has been feeding communities in crisis and in need. At some point, there will be an Indigenous Market – complete with indigenous foods and gifts. In the meantime, follow both the Indigenous Food Lab and The Sioux Chef, and get his cookbook – as Sean Sherman will be opening his own Indigenous restaurant in the future!

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