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The Dripping Root 6/18/2021

Our new Diversity-Owned Spotlight is: The Dripping Root! Owner Cateshia Peterson started her juice business back in 2018 via a truly grassroots endeavor. She posted her healthy creations on social media and took orders online. From there she built a flourishing clientele that catapulted her to make a life-changing career decision. Cateshia then quit her job, without a solid plan, but was able to secure a building in S. Mpls. in March of 2020. Then covid hit. The business was able to continue the opening plans with the help of a gofundme campaign. This was truly a community effort. Finally last month, The Dripping Root opened!    I arrived today at 8:55am and I was 3rd in line. By the time doors opened at 9:05, there were 8-9 people in line. Word has gotten out that the selections sell out! In addition fo the cold-press juices, there are also smoothie bowls. I wanted to try a few different juice flavors so I got: Sunshine, Greentox, and Citrus Immunity. Normally when I drink cold press juices, I can only taste one note. With these, I can taste a bit of every healthy ingredient from when the juice first hits my tongue to the back of my mouth. No single ingredient overpowered and the mixes of the ingredients are light, balanced, refreshing and delicious! As you drink them, you can almost feel your glow rising. After all, Cateshia’s motto is: “When you feel good, you glow different.”So follow The Dripping Root on FB & IG. The smoothie bowl selections change monthly & the juices are good for 3-4 days once opened! Be there early before she sells out!!

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