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Ted Cook’s 19th Hole, 9/14/20

This week’s Diversity-owned Small Business Spotlight is: Ted Cook’s 19th Hole (rib joint)! Created and named for avid golfer Ted (he was Minnesota State Senior Golf Champion), he owned and managed the 19th Hole Barbecue from 1968 to 1986. The current owner is Moses Quarterly who has had it since 2001. Moses actually started working at the BBQ joint as a teenager- so it’s fitting that he owns it now! Ted Cook’s is real, old-school Minnesota barbecue. If you’re outside in the area you can smell the hickory and cherry wood used in the open pit. It smells amazing! Best. BBQ Ribs.Ever. Tender, juicy, messy with sauce-just as all ribs should be! Their jojo potatoes are the perfect topping. You get your ribs and the jojo potatoes are generously tossed on top. Also on the menu is chicken, rib tips, pulled pork, tasty sides, etc. Now the BBQ sauce is a secret recipe & I love the hot version. It also comes in mild & medium for Minnesota spice. To my delight I recently discovered that you can buy a quart of it. I usually make my own sauces, but this BBQ sauce is so good! Ted Cook’s has always been a take-out only joint because it’s so tiny. So be prepared to wait in line to grab your BBQ feast!

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