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Monday October 25th

Monday, October 25th
4 Sets of Max Repetition Banded Lat Pull Downs *Superset with: :30 Hollow Hold/:30 Superman Hold
Note: The start of a new cycle focused on building strength in toes to bar, pull-ups, and muscle ups. Pick a band strength that allows you to perform approximately 10-15 reps per set.
12 Minute AMRAP
Toes to Bar
Box Jumps
DB Power Cleans
Rx+: Toes to Bar, 30/24”, 50/35#
Rx: Toes to Bar, 24/20”, 45/30# Intermediate: Leg Raises, 24/20”, 35/25# Beginner: Knee Raises, 20/12”, 25/15#
Note: Taking the strength work into application, try your best to focus on stringing together any of the gymnastic movements. Focus on keeping your back tight on the power cleans and driving up evenly between sides.
AbMat Sit-ups Russian Twists
Note: With the new cycle comes Monday and Friday core work.

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