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Monday, May 3, 2021

Monday, May 3rd

Inside/Outside (Athlete’s Choice)

3 Rounds:

8 Cossack Squats

:30 Pigeon/Stretch

8 Jumping Lunges

:30 Dead Hang from Bar


Pistol/Box Jump Practice

6 Sets:

10 Pistols (5/Side)

3 Tall Box Jumps (If Outside: 6 Tuck Jumps)

Note: The skill practice for the day will be focused around pistols. Scaling options will include placing heels on a plate and squat, using resistance bands, or single leg squats to a bench. Pick a box height that is higher than normal, 8-10” above your normal workout box. Stack plates if necessary. 


9 Minute AMRAP

10 Single Arm DB Push Press (5/Side)

200 Meter Run (250 Meter Row)

12 Single Arm DB Hang Cleans

200 Meter Run (250 Meter Run)

Rx+: 55/45# DB (or HEAVY KB)

Rx: 50/35#

Intermediate: 35/25#

Beginner: 25/15#



Note: This workout should be centered around the push press. Athletes should have a single, heavy dumbbell and perform 5 push press per side. Stay centered as much as possible, each set of 5 should be hard

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