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Monday, March 22, 2021

Monday, March 22nd


10 Minute AMRAP

:30 Achilles’ Stretch/Side

10 Tempo Air Squats

:30 Pigeon Stretch/Side

10 Reverse Lunges
Running Intervals:

5×400 Meter Run (1:1 Work/Rest Ratio)

Note: Welcome back to running! If you haven’t run in a while, take it a little easier. However long it takes the run to take will be however long you get to rest.


12 Minute AMRAP

3 Devil’s Press

6 DB Front Squats

9 Calorie Row

Rx+: 50/35

Rx: 35/25

Intermediate: 25/20

Beginner: 20/15



Note: A nice little cardio piece to open the week up. Use the same weight for the devil’s press as you do for the front squats. Goal: 4-5 Rounds

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