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Monday, June 28, 2021

Monday, June 28th


Pause Back Squats: 5 Sets of 4 (3 Second Pause at the Bottom)

*One set every 2 Minutes

Note: Athletes may build in weight across sets. Keep an eye on either the clock or a stopwatch on a phone. Maintain EXCELLENT positioning at the bottom of each squat. Quality over weight for this exercise. 


15 Minute AMRAP

1 Deadlift

1 Push-up

1 Sit-up

*Add 1 Wall Ball, 1 Push-up, and 1 Sit-up Every Set

Rx+: 155/105

Rx: 135/95

Intermediate: 115/85

Beginner: 95/65



Note: Keep in mind that the workout will get difficult quickly. Deadlifts should all be performed unbroken, so make sure to keep it light enough to move fast. Keep a whiteboard closeby to keep track of your rounds and just keep moving. Members should be able to get to at least the set of 10-12 by the end of the 15 minutes.

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