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Monday, January 25, 2021

Monday, January 25th


3 Rounds:

10 Good Mornings

:30 Knight Stretch/Side

10 Deficit Deadlifts

1:00 Prayer Stretch


New Cycle:

Week 4:

Breathing Back Squats x 20 (70% of 1RM Pre-Quarantine/75% Current Max)

Note: Squats will be performed once every 10 seconds. Athletes will focus on deep breathing and starting each squat after inhaling and staying tense on the way down before exhaling on the way up. Bar will stay on shoulders throughout the duration of the squats. This will be the week in which things start to get extremely tough. 


For Time (25 Minute Time Cap):

500 Meter Row


Lateral Bar Burpees

1000 Meter Row


Lateral Bar Burpees

Row 500

Rx+: 155/105

Rx: 135/95

Intermediate: 95/65

Beginner: 75/55



Note: A cardio heavy workout, the deadlift weight should be one you can do in 2-3 sets every time. Pace the burpees slightly to prevent blowing up, but keep moving. Making this under the time cap should be fairly tough.

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