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Monday, February 22, 2021

Monday, February 22nd


3 Rounds: 

10 Banded Pull Downs

:30 Kneeling Hamstring Stretch/Side

10 RDLs

:45 Low Back Stretch

Every 1:30 x 6:

3 Clean Deadlift

2 Clean Pulls

1 Squat Clean

Note: Build in weight across sets. Main focus will be on keeping the bar in close across all movements, chest up, and activated lats.

Until 30 Completed Strict Pull-ups

1:00 On/1:00 Off

8 KB Swings

4 Burpees

Max Strict Pull-ups

Rx+: 30 Strict Pull-ups, 70/53#

Rx: 20 Strict Pull-ups, 53/35#

Intermediate: 40 Banded Pull-ups, 35/25#

Beginner: 40 Ring Rows, 35/25#, Box Burpees

Note: This workout will function as intervals until the athlete has completed 30 strict pull-ups or a scaling option of choice. Each round should have anywhere from 3-5 reps per set. If you get 7-10 on any round, try to pick a more difficult scaling option. In total the workout should take anywhere from 5-8 rounds (10-16 minutes).



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