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Monday, August 9, 2021


6 Sets:

Clean Deadlift + Clean Pull + Power Clean + Squat Clean

*Build in Weight Across Sets

Note: This complex should be focused solely around the full extension in each of the separate movements. Drive up with force and keep a straight bar path.


For Time (Time Cap: 18 Minutes): 

400 Meter Run

12 Bar Muscle Ups/16 Chest to Bar/24 Pull-Ups

400 Meter Run

9 Bar Muscle Ups/12 Chest to Bar/18 Pull-Ups

400 Meter Run

6 Bar Muscle Ups/8 Chest to Bar/12 Pull-Ups

Note: No run after the last set of pull-ups. Pick a challenging option that allows you to focus on stringing together multiple reps. Focus on the difficult option rather than trying to beat the time cap if it is a new movement for you.

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