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Monday, August 2, 2021

5-10 Minute Clean Warmup (Build to about 80% of workout weight)


“Event 7 + 8”

10 Rounds for Time: 

200 Meter Run

1 Clean (Squat or Power)

Rx+: 135/95-155/105-185/125-205/145-225/155-235/160-245/165-255/170-265/175-275/180

Rx: 95/65-115/85-135/95-155/105-175/115-195/125-215/135-225/145-245/155-265/165

Intermediate: 75/55-85/60-95/65-105/70-115/75-125/80-135/85-145/90-155/95-165/105

Beginner: Barbell-65/45-70/50-75/55-80/60-85/65-90/70-95/75-100/80-105/85

Note: A little twist on the Games event from this past weekend, athletes should build up to about 90-95% of their one rep max clean. Cleans can be either power or squat. If you find that you are missing at a certain point, go to the weight jumps for the scale below what you are attempting. Should be extremely hard but not impossible. 



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