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“I joined Top Gun in February 2015, looking forward to distancing myself from endurance sports and having more efficient, productive workouts. A few months later I lost a bet that required me to run one final marathon. Begrudged, I continued on with CF as usual and took a laissez-faire approach to marathon training (probably not recommended).

On race day I felt strong but not overly optimistic. I am heavier now and finishing this one would be satisfying enough. In the end I beat my previous personal best by almost 15 minutes – on accident. I was able to keep going because I felt strong and my body was actually working with me the entire time; a vast difference from each of my previous marathons. My post-race recovery time also decreased significantly. I have followed very strict marathon training plans in the past and I can safely attribute the bulk of this new PR to the strength and conditioning I have gained from Top Gun.

I know there are great gyms out there and Top Gun is one of them. The culture is one of passion, inclusion, fun, and encouragement. The coaches are excellent and have a lot of knowledge to offer. Keep this in mind if you are looking for fitness that is functional, sustainable, and offers benefits that will carry over to your other hobbies.”

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