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Mama Sheila’s House of Soul, 7/27/20

For this week’s local Diversity-Owned Small Business spotlight, we present a culinary trip to the south without having to pack your bags! Mama Sheila’s House of Soul! I’m a huge fan of soul food and this place reminded me of our trips down south. Remember to tell them Top Gun Strength or Meghan sent you! 🍽 Chef Sheila Brathwaite or Mama Sheila as she’s known, brings authentic southern food up north to us! Craving chicken- What kind-spicy, jerk, BBQ, smothered? The mac & cheese- yes please! Sweet tea, a no-brainer. Beans & rice and greens-Yes! Don’t forget dessert-I tried the sweet potato pie & it was delish-though the peach cobbler was also tempting. There’s an all-you-can-eat-buffet (safely shielded by tall plexiglass) so you can see and point out to the staff what you’d like dished up. Besides enjoying there, take-out and delivery is available. Mama Sheila let me know everything is made fresh-no jars or canned anything. And the secret ingredient to soul food-is Love!

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