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Jennine D

 A few short months ago, I was sitting at home lamenting the fact that I had just turned 49 and was sadly out of shape. Through a combination of laziness and using every excuse in the book, I was rapidly becoming a frumpy old woman. One night, I saw something online about cross fit and was intrigued enough to investigate. I found out there was a gym near me starting a boot camp for new members. Honestly, the idea of doing anything labeled “boot camp” scared the hell out of me, but I sent off a note to Top Gun Cross Fit and was invited to come learn more.

 When I arrived, I was a little scared. There were people lifting weights and doing pull-ups and all sorts of other activities completely foreign to my sedentary self. But I met with Steve and was amazed at how welcoming, open, understanding, and knowledgeable he was. He assured me that people of all abilities participated not only in the boot camp, but as regular members of the gym. He was very keen to point out that this was more than a gym: It was a community. So I signed up, figuring that it was only six weeks and if I hated it, I wouldn’t have to go back.

 At the time, I was so unsure of my own physical abilities that not only could I not envision doing something called a box jump, but I’d forgotten how to jump altogether (as in elevating your body so your feet left the ground even an inch). I hadn’t done lunges since high school and really had no upper body strength at all. I was hoping that through boot camp, I would be able to gain some strength, gain some confidence, and maybe lose a couple of pounds. If I’m 100% honest, I thought I’d likely quit after the first couple sessions.

 Here’s the amazing thing: I LOVED IT! I’d never sweat so much or worked out so hard in my life, but it felt GOOD! The coaches were very attentive in recognizing each person’s abilities and scaling the workouts so everyone can participate in a way that is safe and comfortable for them. All the members encourage one another and celebrate the “little victories”, like when I was able to finally achieve a 6-inch jump.

At the end of the six-week boot camp, I was really sad. I didn’t want to say good bye to the amazing people I had met or to that feeling of elated exhaustion that comes from pushing yourself further than you thought you could – and succeeding! So I signed up to be a member and I’m so glad I did.

If you’re sitting there reading this and think you’re not the type of person who could ever do cross fit, that’s where I was. But you CAN! And if you’re looking for a place what will push and encourage and celebrate along with you, then Top Gun is the place to do it. Trust me… if a frumpy old lady like me can find joy and satisfaction in working out, then you can, too.

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