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Friday, September, 10, 2021

Friday, September 10th


Front Squats:

5×4 @ 75%

With a partner:


100’ Double DB Farmers Carry (50’ Each) 

20 HSPU (Scaled: 20 Push-ups)

20 DB Snatch (10/person)


100’ Double DB Farmers Carry 

26 HSPU (26 Push-ups) 

30 DB Snatch (15/person) 


100’ Double DB Farmers Carry 

32 HSPU (32 Push-ups) 

40 DB Snatch


100’ Double DB Farmers Carry

36 HSPU (36 Push-ups) 

50 DB Snatch


100’ Double DB Farmers Carry

42 HSPU (42 Push-ups) 

60 DB Snatch

Rx+: 50/35# DBs, HSPU

Rx: 50/35# DB, ½ HSPU

Intermediate: 35/25# DBs, Push-ups

Beginner: 25/15# DBs, ½ Push-ups 

Note: Squats will be performed every 2 minutes. For the workout, teams will work through segments with each partner doing half of the work. If the part is completed before each 4-minute interval, the workout will continue until teams cannot complete the workout in the time frame or until it is completed. Pick a push-up variation that allows for sets of 5-7 every time.

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