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Friday, October 15, 2021


Front Squat (~15 Minutes):

1 Rep Max

Note: Now is your opportunity to try to find a new one rep max front squat. Focus on engaging the upper body and core before the squat and really driving up out of the bottom with your chest upright. 

-6-8 Minute Kipping/Toes to Bar Work- 


Choose Your Adventure:


Accumulate the Following: 

2,400 Meters Running (4 Laps) 

80 Toes to Bar/Leg Raises/Knee Raises

80 Hang Power Cleans


Accumulate the Following:

2,400 Meters Running (Partner Holds Deadlift)

100 Toes to Bar/Leg Raises/Knee Raises (Partner Hangs from Bar)

120 Hang Power Cleans (Partner Holds Wall Sit)

Note: Another week of choose your own adventure! Notice that the running is the same for both groups, but the teams will have one partner performing a static hold while the other partner completes the movements.

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