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Friday, October 1, 2021


Front Squat:

4 Sets of 2 @ 90-95%

-Rest 2:00 Between Sets-

Choose Your Own Adventure: 


10 Rounds:

3 Sandbag Cleans

6 Thrusters

20 Double Unders (40 Single Unders)


20 Rounds (One Works, One Holds Plank):

4 Power Snatch

4 Thrusters

20 Double Unders (40 Single Unders)

Rx+: 115/85# Barbell, Double Unders

Rx: 95/65#, Double Unders

Intermediate: 75/55#, ½ Double Unders/Double Under Practice

Beginner: 55/45#, Single Unders

Note: This is week one of trying out the “choose your own adventure” style individual/team workouts. Note that for the partner workout, the member resting will be holding a plank while the other partner works through the movements.

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