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Friday, July 16, 2021

Partner WOD:

25 Minute AMRAP

Teams of 3:

300’ Farmers Carry (100’/partner)

15 Deadlifts

150’ Single DB Overhead Carry (50’/partner)

9 Bar Muscle Ups/18 Chest to Bar/24 Pull-ups (3/partner, 6/partner, 8/partner)

150’ Walking Lunge (Bodyweight)

Rx+: 275/185, 50/35# DB, Muscle Ups

Rx: 225/155, 45/30# DB, Chest to Bar

Intermediate: 185/125#, 35/25# DB, Pull-ups

Beginner: 155/105#, 25/20# DB, Banded Pull-ups

Note: Form lanes down the length of the gym. 25’ is approximately one end of the rig to the other. Place barbells on either side of the rig away from the walking lanes. One partner will work at a time. Make the carries tough and the weight heavy on the deadlifts since you will be resting twice as long as you’re working.

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