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Friday, February 26, 2021

Friday, February 26th


3 Rounds:

:45 Achilles’ Stretch/Side

10 Kip Swings

1:00 Hamstring Stretch

10 Curtsy Squats

Long Barbell Warmup

With a partner,

From 0-15:00:

Accumulate the following: 

200 Double Unders (400 Single Unders)

50 Squat Snatch

20 Muscle Ups (40 Chest to Bar/60 Pull-ups)

50 Walking Lunges

From 12:00-30:00:

Build to a Heavy Single of the Following:

Partner 1:

Power Clean


Partner 2:

Power Snatch

Bench Press

Note: The workout will function as two segments. The first will be a true partner workout with each partner working towards completing each of the following movements. Pick a scale that allows you to continue moving quickly. If you get done before 15:00, you will rest the remainder of the time. For the second segment, determine which partner would be more suited for either the power clean and deadlift or the snatch and bench press.



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