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Friday February 12, 2021

Friday, February 11th


10 Minute AMRAP 

:30 Ankle Dorsiflexion Stretch/Side

5 Inchworm Push Ups

1:00 Low Back Stretch

10 Banded Pull Downs

Teams of 2:

In 5:00, Complete the Following: 

16 Power Cleans

60 Double Unders (100 Single Unders)

16 Front Squats

20 Calorie Row 

Rx+: 95/65-135/95-185/125-225/155-255/165

Rx: 75/55-115/85-135/95-155/105-185/125

Intermediate: 55/35-75/55-95/65-115/85-135/95

Beginner: Barbell-65/45-85/65-105/75-115/85



Note: This workout will function as a barbell ladder. Teams will have 5 minutes to complete the cleans, double unders, squats, and row. If the round is finished, weight will be added to the bar and they will start again every 5 minutes. If the members do not finish, the remainder of the time will be accumulating as many calories on the rower as they can.

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