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Friday, August 6, 2021

Partner Day:

As a Team of Three:

Accumulate the Following:

6:00 Handstand Hold/9:00 Planks

240 Russian Twists

180 Double DB Deadlifts

120 Double DB Front Squats

60  Double DB Push Press

Rx+: 50/35, Handstand

Rx: 50/35, ½ HS hold time

Intermediate: 35/25, Plank

Beginner: 30/20, ½ Plank

Note: Members should use the same weight for the deadlifts, squats, and push press. It should be a fairly difficult weight to allow for 10 reps on the deadlifts, 5-7 on the squats, and 3-5 on the push press. Have a white board available to break up the reps and track the total time accumulated on the holds. 

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