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Friday, April 30, 2021

Friday, April 30th


3 Rounds:

5 Medicine Ball Squat Cleans

:30 Kneeling Hamstring Stretch/Side

10 Banded Pull Downs

:30 Lat Stretch on Wall/Side


Inside/Outside, Team’s Preference (Outside Scale in Parenthesis):

Teams of 2:

Accumulate the Following:

250 Calorie Row (2 Miles Running)

200 Russian Twists

150 Goblet Squats

100 Toes to Bar (Leg Raises on Yoga Mat)

50 Deadlift

Rx+: Toes to Bar, 53/35# KB, 275/185#

Rx: ½ Toes to Bar, 53/35# KB, 225/155#

Intermediate: Leg Raises, 35/26# KB, 165/115#

Beginner: Knee Raises, 26/18# KB, 135/95#


2 Rounds: 

200 Meter Light Jog

1:00 Down Dog

1:00 Crossed Prayer/Side

Note: Our tough team workout of the week, members may break up the reps however they want. For the Russian Twists, either use a plate or the same kettlebell you will be using for the goblet squats. The deadlifts for this workout should be heavy, for a maximum of 5 reps per individual per set. This workout will take anywhere from 25-40 minutes, so make sure to show up on time.

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