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Friday, April 1st, 2022


Sumo DL:

Every 1:30 x 6:

1 Sumo DL (Start at 115% 5RM)

Note: Today is the last week of sumo deadlifts as well. Start at 115%, which should still be under a 1 rep max lift. Keep building across the six sets, but leave a little in the tank as we will be maxing next week. 


With a Partner (Break Up However Necessary):



Push Press

Hang Power Snatch 


Calorie Bike/Row

Rx+: 115/85

Rx: 95/65

Intermediate: 65/55

Scaled: Barbell

Note: Pick a weight that you can do in either sets of five or CHALLENGING sets of 10. Weight should be moderate, but not something you can do easily. You must go through the 40 burpees before the 40 push press, then 40 snatch, and finally bike. However, you can break the sets up however you want between the two of you. 

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