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Friday, April 16, 2021


Part A:

For Time (10 Minute Time CAP): 

50 Toes to Bar/65 Leg Raises/80 Knee Raises

-rest 5:00 as soon as you’re done-

Part B:

For Time (15 Minute Time CAP):

50/35 Calorie Bike (60/40 Calorie Row)

50 Wall Balls

Rx+: 30/20# WB, Toes to Bar

Rx: 20/14# WB, 35 Toes to Bar

Intermediate: 16/12# WB, Leg Raises

Beginner: 12/10#, Knee Raises



Note: A two part grind it out workout, pick a more difficult gymnastics option to use this time as skill work as well. Once you have completed the toes to bar, you will rest 3 minutes before starting the second part of the workout. Your time cap will still be 15 minutes after the start of your second workout. 

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