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Friday, April 15, 2022


Bench Press: 4×12

Note: We will be testing the bench in our next cycle, but this week will be seen as a deload week. Pick weights that are challenging, but not going until failure.


Choose Your Adventure: 


10 Rounds for Time: 

10 Wall Balls

15/10 Calorie Row (12/8 Calorie Bike)

20 Russian Twists (w/Medicine Ball)

Team of 2: 

Alternating Full Rounds:

10 Rounds for Time: 

16 Wall Balls

20/16 Calorie Row (15/12 Calorie Bike)

30 Russian Twists (w/Medicine Ball)

Teams of 3:

Alternating SPRINT Rounds:

30 Rounds For Time: 

5 Wall Balls

10/8 Calorie Row (8/6 Calorie Bike)

15 Russian Twists

Rx+: 30/20# Medicine Ball

Rx: 20/14# Medicine Ball

Intermediate: 16/12# Medicine Ball

Scaled: 14/10# Medicine Ball

Note: Plenty of options to choose from today. Solo has the most volume, but the slowest pace. Teams of 2 have an even distribution of slightly longer movements per round with rest built in. Teams of 3 are all out sprinting rounds with the most rest built in. 

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