Diversity-Owned Spotlight

United Noodles, 8/3/20

This week’s Diversity-Owned Small Business spotlight isn’t a restaurant, though you can get yummy goodies there! If you haven’t been before, plan your next socially-distanced /safe shopping trip to United Noodles. It started as a noodle wholesale business in 1972 & now it’s a specialty

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Mama Sheila’s House of Soul, 7/27/20

For this week’s local Diversity-Owned Small Business spotlight, we present a culinary trip to the south without having to pack your bags! Mama Sheila’s House of Soul! I’m a huge fan of soul food and this place reminded me of our trips down south. Remember

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Bap and Chicken, 7/20/20

Each week we will spotlight a Diversity-Owned Small Business. While most may be restaurants, we will share other industries as well. Follow our posts (& IG) and learn a little about local small businesses that have global ownership. You may find your new favorite! This

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