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“I joined Top Gun at a point where I’d been almost completely sedentary for about 20 years. I’d regularly played beer league softball and rec broomball, but I knew these activities did nothing to improve my fitness. I was big and weak. I had trouble keeping up with my 4 year old’s energy level. My diet was not good. I knew all of these things, passed Top Gun everyday and randomly looked up their web site to find the next boot camp started the day after my 37th birthday. I was completely terrified, but decided my desire to try to change was going to trump those feelings. 

The first day, I sized up my camp-mates. We were all ages, men and women. I still feared my fitness would be well below each one of theirs. You know what? I was right. I am consistently the last to finish or require the most modification to do an activity or lift the least amount of weight. You know what else? I don’t care. The great thing about this community is that the objective is for you to be better than YOU were yesterday and if you can’t figure that out for yourself, the culture in the community teaches you that pretty quickly by the support you get from your fellow members and your coach. The only requirement for the program is to show up and try hard. Sometimes I have to walk when I am supposed to be running. Sometimes it takes me 25% longer to finish a workout because I have to slow down. And lately, sometimes I can do the workout as prescribed at a rate on par with my cohort. 

It’s all about personal progress and you are encouraged to measure everything you do. One test we do is the maximum number of push ups and air squats you can do in 60 seconds. At first I cared how big (or small) the number was. Now, I feel a huge sense of accomplishment for my progress. I don’t feel terrified anymore; I feel excited about where all this work will take me.”

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