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Angela B

 I have been overweight and out of shape my entire life! I came to Top Gun nervous and intimidated weighing almost 400 pounds. The scale they use to take our initial stats couldn’t even register my weight, but you know what? No one judged me or told me that Top Gun wasn’t the place for me.

The coach told me it was no big deal and I should go in and get ready.    I will never ever forget that first bench mark workout. I was scared to do anything for fear I would hurt myself. This was the first time I heard the term “infinitely scale-able.” When I heard that, my life was permanently changed! I didn’t finish the workout in the allotted time frame that day, but I kept coming back.     

The discussion portion of the class was truly an eye opener for me. I think the most important thing I learned that helped me  keep coming back was intensity. My boot camp coach helped me to realize that intensity is cumulative. It continues to increase when you continue to work at your maximum. This was huge for me because I realized that I didn’t have to “keep up” I just had to work MY hardest.   

I learned how to push through walls and silence that voice that said I was to old or to fat or to whatever to do this. I learned that I CAN do this! I finished boot camp and I finished the final benchmark work out with 5 seconds to spare in the time allotted. It was amazing!      

After two boot camp sessions, I am now a member at Top Gun and I am signed up for my first Murph! My mindset has changed because of all the hard work I have put in and all the support I have received from the coaches, boot camp mates and members of the gym.   

I 100% recommend Top Gun Cross Fit to any and everyone no matter what your fitness level is! Everyone is invested in everyone’s success. I am never made to feel like I don’t belong because of my size and abilities. The members are so warm and welcoming and the coaches are well trained and knowledgeable about the moves and modifications. My most favorite thing about Top Gun CF  is the rule that no one is finished until everyone is finished. So when you are done, you go cheer on those who are still going. It truly is a community!  Top Gun Cross Fit doesn’t make fitness easy, but they make it possible for everyone at any stage.

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