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Amanda B

 I ended up at Top Gun as a sort of happy accident. Fed up with the cycle of trying to lose weight and slipping back into bad habits, I decided to try out Origin Meals. When I walked in to Top Gun for the first time to pick up my meals, I noticed group of healthy people hanging out, talking and laughing, and I sensed an overwhelmingly positive vibe. They were super nice and welcoming despite never having seen or met me before. Curious, I checked out the TG website and saw that the next boot camp was beginning that Saturday.

   At the time, I had a preconceived notion that CF was probably too extreme for me and would be filled only with elite athletes. However, being motivated to change and knowing that I needed to try something new, I decided to give it a shot. After talking myself out of going and back into going at least twice over the course of the week, I nervously walked into my first class and my mind was instantly put at ease by how caring the coaches were.

   Every class I’ve had in boot camp and beyond, it’s been clear that as long as you show up and give your best effort, the coaches will be there to support, give feedback and sometimes tough love to everyone. There is a genuine sense of community among the members and I’ve made many new friends in the relatively short time I’ve been a member. I’ve never felt ashamed for needing to scale something back or not being as fast or strong or advanced as some, but have appreciated the encouragement to push through to the next level when it’s time. Each class is uniquely up to the individual to continue improving for where they are at and everyone is very understanding of that. Bootcamp was a great way for me to re-establish a fitness foundation and routine but was by no means the “end”. Part of the reason I’ve been able to stick with my new routine is that there really isn’t one… Every class is different and challenging and you learn something new about yourself each time.

   Additionally, Top Gun has helped me to reframe my mindset around what it means to be healthy. When I joined Bootcamp, my goal was to lose 10lb. I’m still only 3/4 to that goal, but it has become less important than the regular commitment to healthy choices both in and outside of the gym. I’d add that while it’s slower going that I had initially expected, I’ve still seen a dramatic shift in my body composition and it actually feels sustainable for the long term, unlike past efforts to lose weight. Additionally, my confidence level has improved in all areas of my life. It’s so rewarding to regularly achieve new feats in the gym (like my first double under or kick up hand-stand) and it definitely translates to the rest of life.

   About 6 months ago, someone told me that self-discipline is really just discipleship to yourself and a form of self love (rather than self-punishment)–it’s the intentional action you take based your values and priorities. At the time, I loved the concept, but I would say it wasn’t until joining Top Gun that I truly felt that begin to manifest in my life. I would recommend Boot Camp at Top Gun for anyone looking to re-establish a healthy lifestyle and is looking for workouts that are intensely challenging but still achievable and highly rewarding.

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